We get it; you're over nasty landlords who demand rent without upholding their promises to you.  They say, you'll attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.  Well, we've got the honey.

You'll never catch us slipping, but you'll always catch us abiding by our agreement. We actually keep our promises.

We conduct preventative maintenance to minimize home repairs.

But, if something ever needs a repair or you simply want to chat, you'll receive a phone call, email, or text message from us in under 3 hours!

Don't hold your breath for the people who said they'd help you move, we supply movers.*

Apartment hunting is tedious. Let us do the searching for you and we'll notify you when we find your home! Click here to get your home search steward.

Credit booster! When you pay online, your payments are reported to credit agencies increasing your credit with little effort.

no rental criteria, well almost.

Before submitting your application, check to confirm that you meet the minimum income. Click here to calculate how much income is required.

Click here to calculate how much your rent can be.


DéSector Property Management, Brokered by F&G Realty


Mailing Address

3517 Floyd Ave. #7082

Richmond, VA 23221

Phone: (804)223-4291

Email: info@desector.com

DéSector Property Management is a residential property management organization, helping to alleviate homeowner headaches through providing a hands-free rental ownership experience. We also aim to cure resident living experiences by building genuine relationships.  In a $77 billion industry, our competitive advantage is our commitment to proactivity.

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