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For 3 seconds, imagine dinners with your older children. As you grow older, you begin to slobber and spill your food during dinner. One night, you drop your bowl and it shatters.

Your children scold you, force you to eat alone, and replace your bowl with a wooden bowl. 


Now, one day your grandson is working with wood when approached by his parents, "What are you doing?". "I'm making a wooden bowl," he said, "for when you two get old and must eat alone."


His parents were then saddened by how they were mistreating you. So, they decided to keep quiet when you spilled your food and allowed you to eat with the family.​

Whether we're managing your property or the home you live in, we promise to treat you how we'd want to be treated, it's key.

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financial education

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DéSector Property Management, Brokered by F&G Realty

3517 Floyd Ave. #7082

Richmond, VA 23221



DéSector Property Management is a residential property management organization, helping to alleviate homeowner headaches through providing a hands-free rental ownership experience. We also aim to cure resident living experiences by building genuine relationships.  In a $77 billion industry, our competitive advantage is our commitment to proactivity.

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