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A proactive management model designed to secure 100% of your rental profits.

Consistent cash flow

Our clients are the homeowners. But, in order to best serve our clients, we must also serve our residents. We are equipped with superb people skills to establish and maintain healthy relationships with our residents, thus keeping our clients profitable.

Quality resident selection

We know residents' behavior! All applicants undergo evidence-based screening which determines the likelihood of payment priority and punctuality, cleanliness, and dishonesty.

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Personalized experience

Always remain informed about what's going on at your property with our personalized communication system. Tell us what you want to know and when you want to know, sit back, and get the communication you deserve.

Full Service Management

Resident Placement

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Preferred Contact Method


How do you screen applicants?

All applicants undergo background and credit checks. Additionally, we screen applicants using a rental behavior assessment.

What is your usual communication standard?

You can always reach us between 10:30 AM-5 PM. Responses are always same day.

How long is the eviction process?

Due to our expert screening process, it is unlikely we will need to evict. However, the eviction process, conducted by our legal team, can take up to 45 days.

Do I still pay you when my property is vacant?

We operate on a rent collected model. If there is no rent, we do not get paid.

Will I be able to access my monthly statements digitally?

Yes, we have an online client portal where you can communicate with us, access your monthly statements, management agreements, and more!

What areas do you service?

We wish we could serve everyone but we currently only service areas within 30 miles of Northern Henrico, Virginia. Don't hesitate to ask, we may be able to evaluate your needs on an individual basis.

DéSector Property Management, Brokered by F&G Realty

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DéSector Property Management is a residential property management organization, helping to alleviate homeowner headaches through providing a hands-free rental ownership experience. We also aim to cure resident living experiences by building genuine relationships.  In a $77 billion industry, our competitive advantage is our commitment to proactivity.

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